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a bell-shaped glass cover used to protect and display delicate objects or to cover scientific apparatus or to contain gases

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Alternatively, try putting sprigs of green inside a small jar or bell jar - this is a particularly good option if you have curious children and pets.
However, most commentators have adopted an openly feminist perspective (Perloff 1972; Macpherson 1991; Wagner-Martin 1992; Brain 2001; Jernigan 2014), exploring the limitations patriarchal culture imposes on aspiring women and the existence of the hypocritical double standards which trouble the young protagonist of The Bell Jar as she decides on a coherent self-identity.
I believe that our organisations live under a bell jar also.
After situating Plath's fiction historically for the reader, Ferretter devotes the remaining five chapters ("Literary Contexts," "Plath's Poetry and Fiction," "The Politics of Plath's Fiction," "Gender and Society in The Bell Jar," "Gender and Society in Plath's Short Stories") to a critical examination of that work.
Then, the seal was broken, the funnel was suspended over a collection vial inside a bell jar, and the real waiting began.
The bell jar form has been used throughout history as a receptacle for storing ornaments.
no matter the move of brilliant corners or sidemen at large in the territories: i'll bleed out, the medicine says, if i ache to end a bell jar insistence or the many horn voices swinging outside saloon ten.
Although aware of the world's problems, each country's elite live in a bell jar, remaining out of touch and, at times, even oblivious to the hardships, issues and fate of their fellow citizens.
The commissioned and previously published essays collected here show how Sylvia Plath's novel The Bell Jar has been viewed over time, from its first publication in 1963 to the present.
The evaporator includes features such as a: diffusion or cryo pump, stainless steel baseplate with bell jar and implosion guard, one KVA-controlled evaporation power supply 7 cfm direct drive mechanical pump, two position thermocouple and ionization gauge control and others.
Keek's cell phone is broken and Gram has no computer, leaving Keek marooned with her thoughts, her virginity, a copy of The Bell Jar and a raging Sylvia Plath obsession, the occasional phone call from Morn, and Gram's gray-green electric IBM typewriter.
Reading both articles and advertisements in 1953 editions of Mademoiselle and looking specifically at passages in The Bell Jar that deal with Esthers eating and housekeeping habits, this article asserts that 1950s consumer culture--a culture that encouraged women to navigate beyond the private sphere of the home while limiting those options by simultaneously discouraging that navigation--contributes to Esther's metaphorical starvation.
But chat's not all: It is presented in an enclosed transparent glass bell jar atop smoldering chips and vanilla pods.
I suspect that some critics will wish to compare My Life as a Doll to Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar.
Sipahi said that a 5-meter snake was being kept in a 1 square-meter bell jar, crocodiles were kept tied in containers of 20 cm depth which were located on a hot concrete platform and lions and tigers were being kept in 3-4 square-meter cages.