bell heather

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dwarf European shrub with rose-colored flowers

common low European shrub with purple-red flowers

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As you walk through the moorland note the heather which is made of three types - heather (ling) which grows on the dry tussocks, cross-leaved heather and bell heather which grows in the damp hollows between the tussocks.
The choices were spotted rock-rose (Anglesey); cuckooflower (Brecknockshire); Snowdon lily (Caernarvonshire); wild leek (Cardiff); bog rosemary (Cardiganshire); whorled caraway (Carmarthenshire); limestone woundwort (Denbighshire); bell heather (Flintshire); yellow whitlow-grass (Glamorgan); Welsh poppy (Merioneth); foxglove (Monmouthshire); spiked speedwell (Montgomeryshire); thrift (Pembrokeshire); Radnor lily (Radnorshire).
Bell heather announces the brief blaze of colour on the Flintshire moors at the end of summer.
Flintshire Bell heather (erica cinerea) which produces a blaze of colour on the moors at the end of summer.
That moody shot of the tall spikes of purple loosestrife against an evening sky where storm clouds are gathering features in the chapter dedicated to Wales along with images of the fiery yellow and purple of dwarf gorse and bell heather on the Lleyn Peninsula, water crowfoot in Powys and the modest pennywort, being consumed by a banded snail in Cerigydidion.
More slowly but steadily the ling and bell heathers appeared and over the years have begun to dominate again as bilberry and western gorse grow out of that initial burst of vigour.