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Synonyms for belittled

made to seem smaller or less (especially in worth)

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New Delhi [India], Feb 14 ( ANI ): Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan belittled Pakistan by calling it a 'chhutputiya desh' (small country).
Perhaps his perception of being belittled and treated in a heavy -handed manner may have been exacerbated by that.
courtesy, Is a step that ought not to be belittled By anyone who hopes
This case would have been a real victory had the Court commented upon how the faith of Christians requires them to speak out against immoral sexual behaviour, or how Owens, through his prosecution, has been belittled, vilified, exposed to hatred, and financially hurt for proclaiming what he believes.
But in the late 1960s and '70s, second-wave feminists, belittled in today's conservative backlash as bra-burning man-haters, paved the way for rights younger women now take for granted: playing college sports; entering professional schools; choosing to have a baby, or not.
The Emmanuel High School student, who hopes to obtain two B grades and one C to enable her to study medicine at Newcastle University, said the comments belittled the hard work put in by students.
They care for their own importance and (he says inpoliticianspeak),`Wecannot be belittled like this.
While encouraging people to be "grown up enough to believe in their own specialness without the need to belittle their neighbors," Steele positively belittled gay critics of same-sex marriage by suggesting that we simply "recoil at same-sex domesticity and parenting because these things threaten the sexy outlaw status that is precious to [our] self-image.
MY letter ``Englicised Welsh'' (January 22)has resulted in my being condescendingly lectured and my intelligence and education belittled, though one did support my views.
The proud and independent Flutes must accept charity from those who have belittled them in the past.
The Archbishop of Birmingham, back in action yesterday for the first time since his hip operation, said religious belief was being belittled by a vociferous minority.
Congress, belittled as some dreamer's spendthrift boondoggle?
Seinfeld never belittled thought, friendship, or romance, but it did belittle the empty conversations and relationships that often take their place.
The two authors do not go in much for personality portraits, not even of FDR, but they do a good job in their descriptions of Hull and his frustration over working for a president who belittled him.
In Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged the productive, inventive minds of the world are constantly belittled and attacked by the envious and agenda-driven in a society whose squeaky wheel gets the most grease.