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Like most savages they are firm believers in dreams, and in the power and efficacy of charms and amulets, or medicines as they term them.
Thus, believers and unbelievers, the learned and the ignorant, alike had their eyes fixed on the doctor, and he became the lion of the day, without knowing that he carried such a mane.
She felt him trying to piece together in a laborious and elementary fashion fragments of belief, unsoldered and separate, lacking the unity of phrases fashioned by the old believers.
They knit themselves to believers, in various degrees, of all ages.
Judging by a certain innate grandeur in the carriage of her head and in the expression of her large melancholy gray eyes, believers in blood and breeding will be apt to guess that this is another noble lady.
To this rumour John always returned a stout denial, which he accompanied, however, with a lurking grin, that rendered the suspicious doubtful, and fully confirmed all previous believers.
The good and just hate thee, and call thee their enemy and despiser; the believers in the orthodox belief hate thee, and call thee a danger to the multitude.
Herdsmen, I say, but they call themselves the believers in the orthodox belief.
Companions, the creator seeketh, not corpses--and not herds or believers either.
Brother Ferrier," he said, taking a seat, and eyeing the farmer keenly from under his light-coloured eyelashes, "the true believers have been good friends to you.
Ultimately these stories and their righteous-but-questioning figures speak to believers today, showing the way to lead prophetic lives, grounded in the contemplation of God's presence in the mixed blessings of daily life.
To him, all greenhouse believers are noble crusaders, all skeptics are evil conspirators.
STG has the financial strength to pursue our vision, a broad portfolio of companies that complement Metreo's initiatives and they are true believers in the value that pricing solutions deliver.
Nobody can wear down the believer who has pure faith, turn him from his path or distract him with sorrow or doubts; deep faith gives the soul a glorious strength.