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Synonyms for belfry

a bell tower


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a room (often at the top of a tower) where bells are hung

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And the belfries aren't the only attraction - they are set in lovely, half-forgotten old towns like Bergues and Douai, the sort of places tourists usually bypass on the way to more glamorous destinations.
But Mr Bennett-Green, 57, has put the extra time on his hands to good use and is now seeking a publisher for his book on the city's belfries.
He said: "Six bell belfries such as the one at St Peter's are unique to the UK, and it goes back to the days of the monasteries when they were used for sending messages across the country.
There are two belfries on the farm, one which contains a bell simulator and a second which contains real bells, called The Fire Ring.
Above: Jan in the Fire Ring Belfry Extreme left: John checks the bell simulators and left the barn in which the belfries are keptPictures, JEREMY PARDOE