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Beleaguered might be a better word; it's mired in banality and its neighbours would surely unite to block so bold a structure today.
The only people responsible for 'the beleaguered refugee camps' is Arafat himself - who has creamed off monies designated for alleviating their stress.
Tim Collins, shadow transport spokesman, bleats on about the poor beleaguered motorist but just exactly who is this mythical figure -does he or she really exist?
And when he turns to city and department officials, the increasingly isolated and beleaguered police officer learns no one is interested in uncovering this scandal.
Lewis claims if passed, this measure would relieve the beleaguered insurance industry of a huge liability.
But the games bring new hope to beleaguered Beijing.
The court's ruling will ensure that New England's beleaguered groundfish are put back on track towards sustainability.
Yo creo en Colombia (I believe in Colombia), a project led by McDonald's, aims to persuade every Colombian to stick up for the beleaguered country rather than disparaging it.
The beleaguered Boston Archdiocese, led by Cardinal Bernard F.
This skill has taken on new urgency as beleaguered boards push to replace their "start-up" talent with "scale-up" talent.
For readers, especially those beleaguered by the amount of work that must be done, this story inspires us to take a breath, keep on keepin' on and maintain our sense of humor and lust for life in the process.
These include the Soviet Union, beleaguered by a failing economy, and China, with relatively low per capital emissions of carbon dioxide.
Other articles appearing in the latest edition of 'Mortgage Principles and Interest' include an overview on analyzing prime jumbo hybrid adjustable-rate mortgages, an article detailing Fitch's RMBS criteria revision concerning non-full appraisals, and Fitch's Outlook for the beleaguered manufactured housing sector.
The beleaguered public needs real answers to the city's pressing problems and concerns.
The decision essentially means that Rifkin must sue agencies individually if he dislikes the beleaguered guidelines, which have been attacked by scientists as well (SN: 8/2/86, p.