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Several neighbors ran to help the beleaguered pet owner, but could not control the dog, which began menacing the rescuers.
Beleaguered might be a better word; it's mired in banality and its neighbours would surely unite to block so bold a structure today.
However, these strong results have not translated into an upturn for beleaguered building construction segments.
The only people responsible for 'the beleaguered refugee camps' is Arafat himself - who has creamed off monies designated for alleviating their stress.
Tim Collins, shadow transport spokesman, bleats on about the poor beleaguered motorist but just exactly who is this mythical figure -does he or she really exist?
And when he turns to city and department officials, the increasingly isolated and beleaguered police officer learns no one is interested in uncovering this scandal.
Yo creo en Colombia (I believe in Colombia), a project led by McDonald's, aims to persuade every Colombian to stick up for the beleaguered country rather than disparaging it.
The beleaguered Boston Archdiocese, led by Cardinal Bernard F.
This skill has taken on new urgency as beleaguered boards push to replace their "start-up" talent with "scale-up" talent.
For readers, especially those beleaguered by the amount of work that must be done, this story inspires us to take a breath, keep on keepin' on and maintain our sense of humor and lust for life in the process.
the beleaguered company's stock and bonds have increased in price, a spokesman said.
Beleaguered is a good word used to describe the natural rubber industry.
Zionists have used the Holocaust, since the 1967 war, to justify further Israeli expansion into Palestinian land and to build support for a beleaguered Israel (more beleaguered--as David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, predicted--once it occupied the West Bank and Gaza).
But investors were buoyed by an agreement the beleaguered Albuquerque, New Mexico, provider had reached with its lenders.
said last week that its beleaguered computer unit will stop manufacturing PCs and will cease distribution through retail outlets, part of a massive corporate restructuring that will shed thousands of jobs and result in AT&T realigning into three separate companies.