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Synonyms for belch

Synonyms for belch

to send forth (confined matter) violently

Synonyms for belch

expel gas from the stomach

become active and spew forth lava and rocks

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So sit your girlfriend down and tell her that although you love her you really find it disgusting when she belches.
logo gobbling down the naked, bloodied bodies of unarmed civilian victims; in Love to Hanoi, 1967, a malignant nuke belches toxins and proclaims L.
When one of the locals offers to buy her a drink, she downs the pint, belches and is magically transformed into a bloke - Johnny Vaughan.
Kump suspects that even during the Permian extinction, hydrogen sulfide belches were limited.
But when he belches as they kiss, she shouts: "You are so gross.
A NEW Action Man doll which belches is to go on sale this autumn.
Boschi is uncertain when Ferdinandea will emerge again, but says the volcano will announce its arrival with earthquakes and fiery belches 20 to 30 days before emerging.