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Synonyms for belch

Synonyms for belch

to send forth (confined matter) violently

Synonyms for belch

expel gas from the stomach

become active and spew forth lava and rocks

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Business partners Belch and Forth commented, "We are really excited about opening our newest CPR store.
Two kinds of appeals can be used to form the content of an ad message (Keller, 2001; Belch & Belch, 2004): (1) Rational appeals which focus on tangible aspects of brand such as physical product attributes and benefits; (2) Emotional appeals which emphasize social and psychological needs of customers and also focus on intangible aspects of product such as user imagery, usage imagery, and brand personality.
Although some advertisers believe that interstitials are irritating and more of a nuisance than a benefit (Belch & Belch, 2003).
There are 17 declared runners and it looks a competitive race, but there could be some good value with Toby Belch because, while he remains a promising sort for a test of stamina, he lacks the more glaring virtues of those who have been in action recently, while he has been on the sidelines.
There is, for instance, an original and ingenious solution to the scene in which Belch, Aguecheek and Fabian conceal themselves in the box tree to witness Malvolio's ensnarement in Maria's plot.
This month, supermodel Nina Manuel reveals that she likes Spanish Daniel Craig lookalikes who don't belch.
As defined by the American Marketing Association (cited in Belch & Belch, 2007, p.
HENRY Daly's Toby Belch should go well in the ladbrokes.
Jamie Wilson and Becky Hunt play twins Sebastian and Viola, and the cast also includes Tim Hurrell as Feste, Joseph Hughes as booze hound Sir Toby Belch as Paul West as Sir Andrew Aguecheek.
NEW ARRIVAL in the professional ranks Danny Belch will put aside the disappointments of the season as he renews his bid for a European Tour card, now with his game in top form and a supreme sense of confidence about his chances.
When the case came to court, Gregson said he had a stomach condition, known as acid reflux, that caused him to belch and which may have interfered with the breath test.
Chaudhuri and Akesson finished on 274, two clear of James Ruth and Danny Belch.
Also winning through from Nottingham were Mark Sheppard, from Chester, and Hillside amateur Daniel Belch, who secured his sport at the first hole in a 15-man play-off for seven places.
Of that total, nearly 5% run on diesel, including trucks and buses, which belch out daily a suffocating black smoke.
Feeding cows better food makes them produce less methane--and belch a lot less--but scientists are also looking at vaccinating the cows to make them a bit less windy or putting something extra in their feed.