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Synonyms for belay

to prevent the occurrence or continuation of a movement, action, or operation

Words related to belay

something to which a mountain climber's rope can be secured

turn a rope round an object or person in order to secure it or him

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fasten a boat to a bitt, pin, or cleat

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Locking carabiner and belay device: These pieces of hardware are belaying essentials.
I glance down to the other end, where Sue is momentarily pulled off the ground by my weight at the other end of the rope as she fumbles with the belaying clip before releasing me slowly down to terra firma.
Equally important is not standing around the base of the cliff if you are not belaying.
Letting your partner down on the rope is called belaying, and the process of pulling the rope in and then making sure it won't slip relies on using a belay device which you clip to your harness.
How it's used: The ship's sheaves, wooden blocks, belaying pins, and dead-eyes, all components of the rigging, are made of lignumvitae.
I've learned about teaching belaying and climbing and that there are things people need to get past those.
A working knowledge of basic climbing equipment and simple systems like belaying, top-roping, and leading is assumed.