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Synonyms for belay

to prevent the occurrence or continuation of a movement, action, or operation

Words related to belay

something to which a mountain climber's rope can be secured

turn a rope round an object or person in order to secure it or him

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fasten a boat to a bitt, pin, or cleat

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This primitive yet dramatic act is hip belaying--using one's body to introduce friction to the rope, thereby enabling the belayer to control the speed and amount that the rope slides through the belay device, which, in this case, is you.
Once you've reached your goal, the belayer lowers you back to the ground.
For this reason belayers - who manage the safety rope protecting a climber in case of a fall - stand to one side, not directly below the climbers.
3--4--Color) Ropes drawn through bolts drilled in atop the ``Planet of the Apes'' Wall in Malibu Creek State Park connect climbers to belayers.
The safety ropes are set up so the belayers can handle climbers who are much heavier than they are.