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Synonyms for belatedly

not on time

Synonyms for belatedly

later than usual or than expected


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The judge said he had been convicted after trial but now accepted culpability and was belatedly remorseful.
A Waitrose ad for Delia Smith's Christmas cake has been belatedly banned for misleading viewers about the number of ingredients they had to buy, a watchdog said.
May I comment somewhat belatedly on Doug McManaman's feature article in the December, 2005 issue on "The Charter and the Supremacy of God?
When he was no longer able to stop her, his dreadful sister Elisabeth helped to pervert his belatedly popular work into sacred texts of Nazism--and before that, in World War I, it was transmogrified into German-chauvinist scripture by the kind of flag-waving militarists he had fervently despised.
Yet Farquhar's wit and uninhibited intellectual play stood out in the local season's opening fortnight, his take on dystopia a refreshing contrast to the parade of juiceless banalities reacting, belatedly, to Robert Smithson or, grimly, to current politics.
REGIMENTAL standards were unfurled on stage in Bedworth as nearly 800 people turned back the clock to belatedly celebrate the 60th anniversary of VE Day.
In a relaxingly conversational tone, she discusses and questions her mistakes, low moments, and struggles to maintain love and spirituality in a world abundantly filled with negative temptations, She imparts a voice to the faceless woman who stands in the background behind a celebrity husband, reminding us that she too has thoughts, feelings and ambitions, and dreams, one being the writing that was belatedly pursued because she was needed to support someone else's career.
It's well known that Kinsey's extensive sample of sexual histories--still used as a benchmark for contemporary sex researchers--relied too heavily on subjects in prisons or mental hospitals, a fact he belatedly recognized and attempted to correct in Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.
Alex belatedly comes to understand the difference between telling "the real truth.
Among those bills belatedly sent to President Bush is the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act, S.
After failing to suppress the practice, the colonial state belatedly promoted and adopted it after water-boring was privatized in the mid-1900s.
Bravo Zulu to the mech who owned up to missing his flashlight, albeit belatedly.
An August 28, 1984 New York Times article, entitled "Tesla, A Bizarre Genius," states: "The world of science is belatedly recognizing the genius of one of its most important, eccentric, and enigmatic inventors, Nikola Tesla.
The Government has belatedly recognised the threat of overcrowding, and this Minister should face the facts.
The government belatedly offered a PCS license for auction last year, and financially pressed international operators stayed away in droves.