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Synonyms for belated

Synonyms for belated

not being on time

Synonyms for belated

after the expected or usual time


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The belated luncher had been anxious to pay his bill and go, but he came swiftly to the conclusion that this was worth stopping on for.
Down-stairs in the kitchen, Nancy, hurrying with her belated work, jabbed her dish-mop into the milk pitcher, and muttered Jerkily:
Belated wanderers upon the mountains spoke of gangs of armed men, masked, stealthy, and noiseless, who flitted by them in the darkness.
I was trimming the schoolroom, and got belated, and ran all the way home.
She had waited longer than she knew, and now that she found herself belated in the snow-hidden ruggedness of the long lanes, even the animation of a vindictive purpose could not keep her spirit from failing.
Who--like the belated traveler that stands watching fairy revels till he snatches and drains the goblin cup and springs into the whirling circle--can view the mad tumult and not be drawn into its midst?
And on the night of her belated arrival Captain Kellar forgot Michael on the beach.
At long intervals, the warning cry of a belated gondolier was just audible, as he turned the corner of a distant canal, and called to invisible boats which might be approaching him in the darkness.
A belated man in business clothes, and in haste to catch a car, bounced against her shoulder.
At night he crept into sheds and cellars and doorways--until there came a spell of belated winter weather, with a raging gale, and the thermometer five degrees below zero at sundown and falling all night.
Summary: Belated opportunity to recharge batteries for Manchester United
Honey Singh tweeted, "Mere Jigar ke challey @RanveerOfficial ko belated Janamdin Mubarak.
JURGEN KLOPP was welcomed back to Melwood for pre-season training with a special belated 50th birthday wish from Liverpool yesterday.
Mr Tavernor said: "Eileen told me that Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham might have 'a belated Christmas present' for us.
Mr Whittingdale said: "We welcome his belated announcement but this is only the beginning of the process of change we need to see from Fifa.