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a style of operatic singing

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BEL CANTO (2001): State of Wonder generated numerous--and varied--comparisons to its award-winning predecessor.
Ann Patchett writes about families--from The Patron Saint of Liars (1992), in which young, unwed mothers become family, to Bel Canto (2001), in which hostages and their kidnappers forms unexpected bonds.
Indeed at the very beginning of the second invasion of Russian dance to the West during the early 1950s, London's indomitable Marie Rambert declared that just as we had the phrase bel canto for Italian singing, we should adopt a new phrase, bella danza, for Russian dancing.
He maintains that this particular compilation of essays is "a theoretical outline based on principles commonly used during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when the art of Bel Canto reached its highest level of perfection" (preface page), yet he offers no specific evidence as to how he has reached such certainty in his interpretation of these so-called common principles.
She had a wide range from high E to the F below the staff, and an innate feel for the style of bel canto roles, but she was most notable for bringing a commitment and intensity to her dramatic portrayals that was unprecedented at the time.
In addition to being popular, it was also a significant step in the evolution of opera away from the static world of bel canto.
A NEW OUTFIT AT NEXT How the new tailor in town BUSINESS SECTORS CULTURE CULTURE Bel canto Terry Grimley visits Spain to see the CBSO perform at a festival of religious music THRIVE All the latest news on Birmingham businesses' corporate social responsibility activities NEWS SPORT
Chopin's love of Mozart, bel canto opera and the human voice is well documented.
THE last Bel Canto singer being trained in the world performed in the region yesterday evening.
The Bel Canto ULTRA-DOCK delivers audiophile quality from compressed audio sources
Beudert is also director of Bel Canto Northwest Vocal Institute at Portland State University.
Her mad scene, which many in the audience were already anticipating the minute conductor Julius Rudel stepped into the pit, proved a triumph, as full of conviction as it was rife with effortless coloratura, bel canto fluidity and flute-like tones.
The casting was less than ideal, but the petite Natalie Christie was born to the role of Adina, the sole artist who had an instinct for the Bel Canto style.
For any substantive insights into the old-school bel canto technique, as essential for Wagner as it is for Bellini, one must turn to the oldest singers interviewed.
Previous winners of the Orange Prize for Fiction are Helen Dunmore for A Spell of Winter (1996), Anne Michaels for Fugitive Pieces (1997), Carol Shields for Larry's Party (1998), Suzanne Berne for A Crime in the Neighborhood (1999), Linda Grant for When I Lived in Modern Times (2000), Kate Grenville for Idea of Perfection (2001) Ann Patchett for Bel Canto (2002) and Valerie Martin for Property (2003).