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If handled properly, it is the beginning of a transition to the next stage in human beingness.
This energy of the responsibility is cleaved into appreciation--as a valuation of the Other and as an in-Oneself, and caring--as an action of the Self, aimed at achieving the Other's potentiality as an act of beingness.
He invites readers along numerous paths to discover the light within: connecting with the true self, exploring beingness, transforming fear, making choices, experiencing reality, and coming into a sense of unity with the divine.
And it is that essence of beingness, a kind of natural state of the self, that is unfurling in the poem's last stanza.
Walkerdine V, 2010, "Communal beingness and affect: an exploration of trauma in an ex-industrial community" Body and Society 16 91-116
Thus Grills provides a theoretically and conceptually rich model of African-centered psychology and applies this analysis to fundamental definitions of human beingness and consciouness, two key concepts within psychological inquiry.
The art of a poet who uses nature and natural processes to express a condition of beingness and to explore states of mind is often measured in the precision and concreteness of the objects and events used as a foundation for the poetics.
He comes to appreciate the importance of the as-yet mostly uninhabited Perelandra in its mere beingness.
There are no absolutes in the development of a character, but all I know is that until I can assume the beingness of that character quickly, and let go of it just as quickly, the character hasn't arrived yet.
She discussed her experience of spirituality as space within her heart, beingness, breath of life, among other explanations, and that spirituality is meaning itself.
240) The process by which an individual becomes a person or attains personhood, and assumes responsibility for moral obligations, in African morality is "an ontological transformation, which is set in motion upon birth, through transition to moral beingness and continuing throughout one's life.
oversimplifying things, of perception) independent of the question regarding the beingness of the world, whether or not the world is "real.
Though Dawes continued that "[s]tudents of general semantics endeavor to think in terms of 'non-elementalism--interconnectedness, and interrelationships' rather than 'objectivity', there is still time and motion beyond pure beingness.
Joe struggles with the moral implications of his new beingness, particularly since he refuses as a human to eat anything born and hatched, yet the novel has a simplistic engagement with the idea of vegetarianism that doesn't explore the moral relativism involved in equating the drinking of animal blood as a form of vegetarianism, which is rather disappointing.