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(Yiddish) glazed yeast-raised doughnut-shaped roll with hard crust


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He added: "In reality I did want to go and help him but you have to be smart and I think that is the reason he's still alive is because the shooter suspected Mr Beigel was going back into an empty classroom.
Just as there are no lions and cheetahs in the Judean Desert, there aren't supposed to be sharks here," Beigel said.
El caracter contingente, profundamente arraigado en un tiempo especifico, constitutivo del caracter dialogico de las revistas, o en palabras de Fernanda Beigel, todos estos textos "prenados de contexto" (110), nos obliga a reconocer la imperiosa necesidad de reconstruir su tiempo-espacio especifico a la hora de abordar las revistas.
The tour is a mix of family places that have been around for decades - fish & chips at Poppies, a perennial favourite; Mr Sammy's famous salt beef bagels at Beigel Bake; a half of bitter at proper boozer Pride of Spitalfields - and modern interpretations of classics, such as the indulgent briocheand-butter pudding at The English Restaurant, and a brilliant lamb pathia at Aladin in Brick Lane.
While these medical errors are a result of inefficiencies throughout the entire system, the laboratory can play a significant role in preventing many of these errors," says Doug Beigel, CEO of COLA.
5) Para otros abordajes integrales de la obra estetica y politica de Mariategui, vease Beigel (El itinerario y La epopeya); D'Allemand (25-57); Rowe; Shutte.
Se produjo ademas durante este siglo XXI una relectura del estructuralismo cepalino, del dependentismo y de otras corrientes de la "sociologia critica" (Roitman, 2008; Beigel 2010; Dos Santos, 2011; Morales, 2012).
Beigel (2000) posits that assessment involves three strands: learners, environments, and technology.
Regules JA, Beigel JH, Paolino KM, Voell J, Castellano AR, Munoz P, et al.
And if the Palestinians waging a relentless campaign of senseless violence against Israeli civilians want a glimpse of how their war is likely to fare, they need only look at the wedding of Sarah Tehiya Litman and Ariel Beigel.
In Vom Wohl und Wehe der Staatsverschuldung: Erscheinungsformen und Sichtweisen von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart [On the Boon and Burden of the National Debt: Manifestations and Perspectives from Antiquity to the Present], edited by Thorsten Beigel and Georg Eckert.
Este sistema, ya analizado por otros autores (Schott 1998; Altbach 2002; Alatas 2003; Beigel 2014a; Beigel y Sabea 2014), se erige a partir de la universalizacion de teorias y metodologias occidentales producidas en los paises del norte y extendidas sobre el resto de los territorios, ocultando el caracter local de su origen (Bourdieu 1998).
Raziel A, Rosenzweig B, Botvinic V, Beigel I, Landau B, Blum I.