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The metamorphosis excites in the beholder an emotion of joy.
It was different from his emotion while spying at the revelations of the skylight, but in this case too he felt the discomfort, if not the guilt, of an unseen beholder.
The wild men made peace between them, and with great dexterity readjusted and fixed the boards of the castle, and the damsel once more ensconced herself within; and with this the dance wound up, to the great enjoyment of the beholders.
Only on one point were they agreed; and that was the haunting sense of unexpressed deformity with which the fugitive impressed his beholders.
His weather-beaten and handsome face, his portly presence, his shirt- fronts and broad cuffs and gold links, his air of bluff distinction, impressed the humble beholders (stevedores, tally clerks, tide-waiters) as he walked ashore over the gangway of his ship lying at the Circular Quay in Sydney.
She was in full dress this evening; and her appearance was certainly calculated to impress all beholders.
And not only were these flowers almost blinding in their vivid hues of red and gold, but each one whirled around upon its stalk like a miniature wind-mill, completely dazzling the vision of the beholders and so mystifying them that they knew not which way to turn.
my beau must be an Adonis indeed, Matilda, the admired of all beholders, if I am to be contented with him alone.
Myra, pointing to the skeleton that hung from the chandelier cheerfully grinning at all beholders.
I was conscious of my guilt, and ashamed to look any one in the face; so resolved to leave Oxford the next morning, before the daylight discovered me to the eyes of any beholders.
For as eager beholders have we come; we wanted to see what brighteneth dim eyes.
And as they cried at the subsequent ceremony in the proper places, and trembled at the right times, they acquitted themselves to the admiration of all beholders.
Consequently, the pony being deterred by no considerations of duty or obedience, and not having before him the slightest fear of the human eye, had at length started off, and was at that moment rattling down the street--Mr Chuckster, with his hat off and a pen behind his ear, hanging on in the rear of the chaise and making futile attempts to draw it the other way, to the unspeakable admiration of all beholders.
The dual Guineas winner's defeat in the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes at Ascot last weekend on his first start since June had left the trip to Keeneland in the balance, but his trainer indicated the colt is ready to take on the daunting challenge of not only racing against fellow future Coolmore stallion American Pharoah and outstanding mare Beholder, but also tackle dirt for the first time.
As Francis struggles, Know Your Beholder starts to feel like one of Walker Percy's questing, rueful character studies: Love in the Ruins, except here, love is the ruins.