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Synonyms for beholden

Synonyms for beholden

owing something, such as gratitude or appreciation, to another

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under a moral obligation to someone

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The captain owed nothing to any of these fop-makers in his dress, nor was his person much more beholden to nature.
to take up with the first good Christian that came, he was mistaken; that, in a word, his character was really bad, or he was very ill beholden to his neighbours; and that unless he could clear up some points, in which she had justly been prejudiced, she had no more to say to him, but to do herself justice, and give him the satisfaction of knowing that she was not afraid to say No, either to him or any man else.
He was not going to be beholden to his wife's sisters.
Disclosures of payments to beholden director's firms also fail to specify the amounts involved.
Westchester is no longer beholden to major relocations from either Fairfield or Manhattan.
Admirable care is shown to demonstrate the limited social reach of letter manuals, but we are provided no critical leverage with which to judge the actual force of cultural prescriptions, a flaw shared by much scholarship narrowly beholden to prescriptive evidence.
It was one thing to theorize about politics but quite another to be a politician beholden to the electorate and party politics.
Anders doesn't address what Health Against Wealth convincingly demonstrates is the root cause of much poor care: health plans beholden to employers and to profit.
In search of "ideal investment climates," and beholden only to stockholders who live hundreds and even thousands of miles away, corporations have relocated their operations with little concern for the decimation wrought to host communities and the stakeholders who live there.
Clinton favors NAFTA because he is beholden to giant U.
When asked to match their view on stem cell research with three statements expressing different points-of-view, half of Republicans (50%) and a clear majority of Democrats (82%), selected the following statement which was the strongest in support of stem cell research: "Embryonic stem cell research is too promising to be slowed by politicians beholden to special interests.
Meanwhile, New York Mayor Bloomberg dismissed comments from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who warned that Kennedy could be beholden more to the mayor, whose people are helping her, than to Paterson.
Ordered to accurately predict the unpredictable, the temptation may be to hedge their bets and become beholden to the targets rather than the patients.
one Sunni, run again by the Baath, and another Shiite, beholden to Iran.
After imagining members of the GAA's pilot committee of the sub- committee to the caucus beholden choking on their false teeth, one question hit me: Since when was the Lansdowne Road surface perfect for football?