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a black pool ball bearing the number 8

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It was said that AM stations face large fixed costs that put them behind the eight ball before they even attempt to sell enough advertising to make a profit on a band where many listeners rarely venture.
I didn't become a doctor to get rich, but starting out behind the eight ball is never good.
We're] definitely behind the eight ball," he admitted.
We were probably behind the eight ball after six overs but came back very well," Bailey said.
Given that they're so far behind the eight ball compared to other health and social services already, you'd think that if anything was going to be cut, they'd be right at the bottom of the list," he said.
The majority of local firms still appear to be significantly behind the eight ball in terms of their offerings.
My idea is that she actually, like, figures it out, and finds some success and does really well in a different hospital, because she was always floundering C* she was always one step behind the eight ball, and I want to see that girl take some power back.
The fact is, we are already behind the eight ball in Asia, he said.
THE Saints game was a game where we have got off to another really bad start and that's something we seem to be doing almost every week, putting ourselves right behind the eight ball very early on.
Those behind the eight ball have a tricky 'getting-out stakes' to solve, but Glowing Blue (10.
He has been behind the eight ball every time so it is very hard if they say, 'sorry, you are out mate'.
We got off to a good start, but after we scored the first try we couldn't quite convert anything else and then we were always behind the eight ball once Rotherham got going.
We lost too many wickets early on and from then on we were always behind the eight ball," said Strauss after the match on Sunday.
The fundamental issue is when Proposition 2-1/2 came into play, the towns were not on a level playing field, and the towns behind the eight ball stayed behind the eight ball.
In reply, Glamorgan were always behind the eight ball trying to keep in touch with the 8.