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Synonyms for behest

at someone's command


  • at someone's command
  • by someone's order
  • at someone's demand
  • at someone's wish
  • by someone's decree
  • at someone's bidding
  • at someone's instruction
  • by someone's mandate
  • at someone's dictate
  • at someone's commandment

Synonyms for behest

Words related to behest

an authoritative command or request

References in classic literature ?
Let us for this day cease fighting; hereafter we will fight anew till heaven decide between us, and give victory to one or to the other; night is now falling, and the behests of night may not be well gainsaid.
I have been doing my aunt's behests," he explained.
The next day the numerous subscribers to a certain liberal journal read, among the Paris items, the following article, inserted authoritatively by Chaboisseau and Metivier, share-holders in the said journal, brokers for publishers, printers, and paper-makers, whose behests no editor dared refuse:--
It would seem your function is to twist truth at the command of your employers, who, in turn, obey the behests of the corporations.
Nevertheless, the tragedians and Pindar disobeying our behests, although they acknowledge that Asclepius was the son of Apollo, say also that he was bribed into healing a rich man who was at the point of death, and for this reason he was struck by lightning.