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Synonyms for behest

at someone's command


  • at someone's command
  • by someone's order
  • at someone's demand
  • at someone's wish
  • by someone's decree
  • at someone's bidding
  • at someone's instruction
  • by someone's mandate
  • at someone's dictate
  • at someone's commandment

Synonyms for behest

Words related to behest

an authoritative command or request

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This is the third LOC extended by Exim Bank to Burkina Faso at the behest of the Government of India.
According to Rangers these 'terrorists were involved in the killing of MQM Legal Aid Committee member lawyer Hasnain Bukhari and were in hiding at the behest of the party's high command'.
BEIRUT: Israeli police arrested 16 Israeli-Arabs over involvement in an alleged operation to smuggle drugs and weapons at the behest of a Hezbollah-linked narcotics ring.
The administration is working at the behest of the SP government.
The phones of politicians and bureaucrats were tapped at the behest of the previous P.
He cited bad government record in suppressing the opposition at the behest of the Syrian regime and accused the local army commander Malek Shamass of secretly on Hizbullah's account; He also cited the instance of 7 Hizbullah members who died in the clash and were secretly buried by the party.
The PTI cell would monitor the activities of all such officials and they would be held accountable in the near future for becoming a party on the behest of the regime and targeting the political workers on behest of the ruling parties, the spokesperson concluded.
Weapons secretly shipped to Syria at the behest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar go to hardline Islamic rebel groups rather than more secular organizations favored by the West.
Yildirim who has been living as refugee in Sweden, said that the Kurdish people should move with their free behest.
Female Suicide Bombers recognizes that suicide bombers in general do not operate as individuals, but rather at the behest of organizations, and explores the scope and training methods of these organizations accordingly.
Historian Stanley Payne, a professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, described historical Fascism in detail during his career, pointing out that it contains a number of elements, among them the goal of creating a "kind of regulated, multiclass, integrated national economic structure" that is nominally in private hands but is increasingly operated at the behest of government.
Both of these measures have been barred by law at the behest of the Bush administration.
The Texas researchers are doing their study--for free--at the behest of Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, an NBA team.
The President's Working Group, an agency that operates at the behest of the administration, will present a study to Congress on Friday outlining the current market conditions for terrorism insurance.
Consider also the circumstances surrounding the firing of CEO Peter Dolan at Bristol-Myers Squibb: the board gave in to demands of Frederick Lacey, a former federal judge who has been overseeing the company since last year at the behest of the U.