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To make matters worse, one of the '90s behemoths is next door.
Throughout the 1950s and '6os, Americans were enjoying the golden age of the behemoth land yacht-the age of the Cadillac Sedan DeVille and the Lincoln Town Car.
In our results, sometimes the smaller, innovative providers are more influential in the creation of 'intelligent' enterprises than the big software behemoths.
She estimates that the behemoths bladder held about 1,300 liters.
A small software company is taking on entertainment behemoths, suing nine major movie studios for the right to sell a program that allows the user to copy commercial DVDs.
Retail behemoths are an all too common blot on the South African landscape, as this vulgar pillaging of Victorian values in Durban aptly demonstrates.
In a few short years the national search engines have grown into multibillion dollar behemoths that have begun pick-pocketing local media companies.
Along with the finding of several other Kuiper belt behemoths over the past 2 years, the discovery suggests the region may harbor even larger bodies.
Downtown's skyline was once illuminated by the names of banking behemoths.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Corporate behemoths Halliburton and Time Warner; pop culture icons Kenneth Cole and World Poker Tour, plus gun manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Company, hospitality giant Starwood, and Molson Coors joined OneShare's collection this week and are now, for the first time, easily available to purchase as individual shares of stock.
Newly discovered fossils of an ancient cousin of modern crocodiles suggest that adults of the species may have been dinosaur-munching behemoths that grew to the length of a school bus and weighed as much as 8 metric tons.
They'll need help, especially against Washington center Todd MacCulloch on Saturday and whichever behemoths the Bruins face in March.
Both search engine behemoths are nearly identical in annual revenue: Yahoo generated $4 billion and Google $3.
The new observations confirm the prevailing view that massive galaxies form through collisions of smaller ones over an extended period, An earlier theory suggested that these behemoths emerged in one big baby boom.
That's a problem Glendale Federal Bank will face soon because it relentlessly has positioned itself as a friendly, small operation eager to help customers, unlike corporate behemoths like Bank of America and Wells Fargo.