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With increased commitment to biotech from its pharmaceutical and IT behemoths, Japan can become a force to reckon with.
Carl, a stalwart behemoth of a boy, struggles to control his little brother and to find a place for himself in the community.
Throughout the 1950s and '6os, Americans were enjoying the golden age of the behemoth land yacht-the age of the Cadillac Sedan DeVille and the Lincoln Town Car.
Similarly, Billy Finch of Weatherford, Texas, saw his champion pecan lose its crown when the 91-footer was one-upped by a 136-foot behemoth from Tennessee.
Dime's shares more than doubled between August 2000 and this past June, and climbed a bit more after it announced a deal to be acquired by thrift behemoth Washington Mutual Inc.
If anything, this situation shows that the behemoth school district has a tough time responding to the immediate needs and trends of the community, which is why the district ignored climbing enrollment for decades and found itself in severe need of schools.
In Chile, Sky Airlines is taking market share from behemoth LAN.
It's a 6,320,430-digit behemoth that now holds the record as the largest known prime number (www.
Cable networks Showtime and MTV, both owned by broadcasting behemoth Viacom, announced plans January 10 to launch a gay pay-cable channel that could kick off within the year.
Hutchison Whampoa is the shipping behemoth run by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, whose close ties to the PLA and China's top Communist leadership have long been public knowledge.
The 275-foot behemoth in California's Sequoia National Park may be only 2,000 years old, rather than 6,000, according to Reuters News Service.
Hogan said the merger would "eliminate significant future competition" and allow the new office supply behemoth to "maintain prices at an anti-competitive level.
Extemporising further on the biomorphic theme, the ribcage canopy structure resembles the skeletal vestige of a long-extinct behemoth.
Meanwhile, Villaraigosa continues the struggle against the educational behemoth.
Presidents would come and go, but the US$45 billion behemoth always pumped out profits to pay the bills.