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Synonyms for beheading

execution by cutting off the victim's head

killing by cutting off the head

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While countries who carry out public beheadings, predominately in the Middle East, believe such footage sends a very clear message to its people that it is the power of the law.
According to the intelligence input, the Pakistan Army has been offering as much as Rs 5 lakh in cash reward to these mercenaries to carry out the beheading of Indian soldiers.
there is absolutely no question of ever anyone authorising any beheading or killing of Indian soldiers.
Fazle Rabi, a witness of the beheading ceremony told Pajhwok Afghan News that a Taliban organization with the name of Jaish-e-Mohammad had announced since last few days the beheading of the Afghans and executed the accused today morning in front of many people.
He is suspected of ordered Mr Biqley's beheading in 2004 after presiding over a mock trial.
Murder is punishable by death--a beheading carded out with a sword in public.
Several handwritten notes were left on the corpse, claiming the beheading was in revenge for the Oct.
Remember Death of a Princess, the TV programme showing a beheading in Saudi?
A video purporting to show the beheading of a Turkish driver kidnapped in Iraq last month surfaced yesterday on the Web site of an al Qaidalinked militant group.
This is inciting the radical Islamic elements in the Middle East and gave them an excuse to behead an innocent man, Nick Berg, and display the video of the beheading on the Internet.
Since Foley's execution, ISIS has released more beheading videos of other Western hostages including U.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian foreign ministry summoned the Saudi charge d'affaires in Tehran over the beheading of an Iranian national on charges of drug trafficking.
I've been trying to understand why the act of beheading arouses this strong visceral response.
BEHEADING is not so popular now in Europe as it once was.
The militant who appeared in the video of Foley's beheading is believed to be a British national, his identity is also under investigation by the British government.