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Synonyms for beheading

execution by cutting off the victim's head

killing by cutting off the head

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6: Images released of beheading of Lebanese soldier Abbas Medlej.
Unlike Mr Foley's beheading, which was widely shared on Twitter accounts affiliated with the Islamic State group, the video purporting to show Mr Sotloff's killing was not immediately posted online, though several jihadi websites told users to expect it yesterday.
A BRITISH jihadi who boasted on TV of carrying out beheadings is today revealed as a former supermarket security guard who used to live with his mum.
Only one Iranian-based news source has been seen to report the beheading in detail and carry photos.
The social media website later issued a statement saying it had "re-examined" the issue and removed a beheading video after concluding that it "improperly and irresponsibly glorifies violence".
While countries who carry out public beheadings, predominately in the Middle East, believe such footage sends a very clear message to its people that it is the power of the law.
In Syria a 13 year old boy, Badr Mohamad Sleibi, confessed to beheading an officer.
Indonesian President Bambang Yudhoyono went on to condemn the beheading and accused Riyadh of breaking the "norms and manners" of international relations.
FOUR people have appeared in court accused of beheading 18 birds in an attack on a city horticultural centre.
Fazle Rabi, a witness of the beheading ceremony told Pajhwok Afghan News that a Taliban organization with the name of Jaish-e-Mohammad had announced since last few days the beheading of the Afghans and executed the accused today morning in front of many people.
As tall, elaborate, and luscious as Marie's precipitous hairstyles, the cakes at court are just a taste of the over-the-top royal consumption that led to the French Revolution and then to Marie Antoinette's beheading in 1793.
She discusses the practice of beheading since prehistoric times, the curious disappearance of decapitation and its revival in Enlightenment England and France, and beheadings as tropes from John the Baptist and Salome to the present.
Several handwritten notes were left on the corpse, claiming the beheading was in revenge for the Oct.
The beheading of a dog shouldn't be a Proposition 66 issue because it should be a capital offense.
A video purporting to show the beheading of a Turkish driver kidnapped in Iraq last month surfaced yesterday on the Web site of an al Qaidalinked militant group.