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having had the head cut off


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Iraqi foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari has previously confirmed the men were kidnapped by alleged al Qaida supporter al-Zarqawi's organisation -- the group which claimed it beheaded American Nicholas Berg.
Certificates on the back of the frame say the hair was cut off moments after the king was beheaded on Jan.
On Sunday, activists published on social media networks pictures of 4 young Kurdish men, among them a 16-year old boy, whom the ISIL beheaded in Azaz city in the Northern countryside of Aleppo, ARA News reported.
According to the report, nearly 76 people were beheaded in 2011, while rights group Amnesty International put the number of executions last year at 79.
Recently a Sudanese man was also beheaded for "sorcery" after allegedly attempting to predict the future on a TV show.
PESHAWAR (PAN): Pakistani Taliban Friday publicly beheaded two Afghans accused of spying allegations in Dama Dola area of Bajaur tribal agency of Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan.
THE US military launched an air strike on an alleged safe house used by a militant group in Iraq, hours after it beheaded a South Korean hostage.
Reports Deborah has been found guilty of the killing have still to be confirmed but if they are she could face being beheaded.
German hostage Jrgen Kantner, 70, was beheaded in February after the kidnappers' ransom demand of P30 million was not met.
com/what-abu-sayyaf-amid-isis-beheading-threat-indonesia-calls-regional-cooperation-2359821) beheaded by Abu Sayyaf militants, who had kidnapped him along with three others from a tourist resort on Samal Island.
The bodies of the beheaded Christians have been found in the town of Al-Hasn in Homs countryside on Saturday.
Summary: Saudi: Saudi Arabia on Tuesday beheaded one its nationals convicted of murder as well as .
The Sudanese national had been found guilty of cursing another man and was beheaded in a public car park.
QUETTA, July 22, 2011 (Frontier Star): Police has recovered beheaded body of an unknown person from Quetta on Thursday.
A day before the beheading of the engineer, Baitullah sent his men to bring the captive but the Qari group did not agree and beheaded the captive the next day," they added.