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The hired foreign palace guards of Louis XVI, a king of France that was beheaded by his people.
He thought about a great many things--about his present troubles and past days of bachelorship, and about the Lincoln greens, long since dispersed up and down the country, no one knew whither: with the exception of two who had been unfortunately beheaded, and four who had killed themselves with drinking.
It would have been infinitely more kind all round for the law to have shot, beheaded, strangled, or otherwise destroyed this absurd de Barral, who was a danger to a moral world inhabited by a credulous multitude not fit to take care of itself.
Well, she's a sweet-tempered, good-humoured lady, be she what she will, and I shall hardly refrain from crying when I hear she is hanged or beheaded.
I would see you all hounded out of here, or arrested - or beheaded for that matter - without turning a hair.
The founder of that family came into Kent when Julius Caesar invaded Britain;--only one member of it, since, who hasn't lived to eighty-five, and he was beheaded by one of the Henrys.
The militant group has beheaded the three men in front of a crowd of people in Central Palmyra, ARA news reported.
The hardline Islamic State group has beheaded two women in Syria, the first time it has decapitated female civilians, the founder of a group monitoring the war said on Tuesday.
NNA - The Islamic State group has beheaded two women in Syria on accusations of "sorcery," the first such execution of women in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor said Tuesday.
Saudi Arabia on Monday beheaded two convicted criminals, bringing to 100 the total executions in the Gulf kingdom this year, AFP reported.
Kolkata: A vegetable hawker was beheaded by a male customer allegedly following an altercation over vegetable prices in Belpahari area in West Bengal's West Midnapore district on Sunday.
IN a shocking incident, a 56- year- old man was beheaded at his residence by a group of occultists in a ritual sacrifice to ensure a good harvest and timely rainfall in Jharkhand.
The video showed about 15 men being beheaded on a beach and another group of the same size shot in their heads in scrubland.
Mosul / NINA / Terrorists of Daash beheaded two brothers in their thirties for not announce their repentance for the organization.
My heart goes out to the Japanese family of Kenji Goto, a journalist held hostage in Syria who was recently beheaded by IS extremists.