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Staddon's commentary on events that have shaped contemporary behavioristic thought is well worth reading for those unfamiliar with the rich history of the field.
Then, too, the central place reserved in the final chapter for a behavioristic perspective (which seems to be Malone's own) fails to convey to readers that this very perspective had, to a considerable extent, been utterly overtaken by the 1980s.
On one rare occasion, Skinner (1945) expressed a more general form of monism that did not explicitly postulate a physical dimension: "What is lacking is the bold and exciting behavioristic hypothesis that what one observes and talks about is always the 'real' or 'physical' world (or at least the 'one' world)" (p.
Partaking in this autonomy-supportive process will "increase their ability to reflect on their own work, develop professionally, and be able to withstand the social pressure in schools to work within a behavioristic framework" (Rand, 1999, p.
This report contains extensive descriptions and history of the marketing practices of several large players in the industry, and some of these subjects appeared to be operating according to the behavioristic principles postulated in theory.
He argued that anthropomorphic accounts can be more parsimonious than "an abstemiously behavioristic story of unimaginable complexity.
Sellars imagines a population possessing a Rylean, behavioristic language with terms referring to physical objects and events, including behavior and overt speech acts but no mental terms.
While we do not have to adopt the behavioristic DISTAR (Direct Instructional Systems for Teaching Arithmetic and Reading) model, a highly structured learning program that places great emphasis on repetition and reinforcement, some children will need exposure to content they do not receive at home if they are to have a chance for academic success.
There is room in a behavioristic analysis for a kind of knowing short of action and hence short of power.
This may be closer to Wittgenstein's considered intentions than it seems since, for one thing, as has often been pointed out, he himself tends to describe cases of semantic understanding in a phenomenologically rich way which includes sensations and images rather than in an austerely behavioristic way.
We are now left with a fundamental question: In light of the foregoing behavioristic analysis, what are people actually talking about when they use mental terms, whether with respect to themselves or others?
Kohlenberg and Tsai (1991) developed Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) as an effort to comprehend in radical behavioristic terms why certain clients improve in intense therapeutic relations and to delineate the strategies that the behavior analyst can use to facilitate such curative relations.
She makes it quite clear--especially in her excellent discussion of the behavioristic wing of action theory--that the commitment of most action theorists to the more or less Humean mode of explanation usually called the covering-law (deductive-nomological) model prevents them from providing for this continuing monitoring.
This newer form of behaviorism may be called mediational S-O-R neobehaviorism, to distinguish it from its behavioristic predecessors.