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Synonyms for behaviorist

a psychologist who subscribes to behaviorism


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of or relating to behaviorism

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Veterinary behaviorists can be few and far between, but if there isn't one in your area, many are willing to consult with your veterinarian remotely to offer advice on the appropriate medication regimen (usually for a fee).
If no medical cause is found, your cat's veterinarian may refer you to a behaviorist or a certified applied animal behaviorist.
Watson's "Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It" (1913) takes "profound influence" (Greenspan and Baars 222) from Loeb as it lays out the theory of human nature that he, Skinner, and others would advocate over the coming decades.
Typical costs for a qualified trainer or behaviorist run between $500 and $1200 depending on the situation.
Professor John Cochrane of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business says behaviorists cannot be right because they have no mathematical model.
At the 2009 convention, I chaired a symposium in which I outlined likely reasons why behaviorists more frequently deal with individuals with DD/AUT than with other types of disorders or problems.
There needs to be an articulation of approaches other than the behaviorist model for the delivery of individual student services and teacher consultation if school psychology is to grow.
Arthropod behaviorist Linda Rayor of Cornell University says that she hasn't heard another report of male spiders breaking through the outer covering, or exoskeleton, of juveniles to mate.
Collaboratively authored by the team of Lynn Lott, Jane Nelsen, and animal behaviorist Therry Jay, Pup Parenting: A Guide To Raising A Happy, Well-Trained Dog is an informative and "pet owner friendly" guide to selecting and training the perfect dog for a family.
Those wed to therapeutic approaches and theoretical orientations that do not embrace a narrative approach with its emphasis on the strengths perspective (where the client's unique story is the basis for treatment) may have some trouble with the book's approach, but there is enough cognitive content to woo even the most conservative behaviorist into believing that this treatment approach has merit.
Without arguing that behaviorist explanations are better than those of cognitivism, Foxall (psychology, Cardiff U.
I borrow from both behaviorist and humanist philosophies, realizing that what works for one student can be totally ineffective for another.
According to behaviorist principles, it is no longer "incumbent upon the student to do what is necessary to succeed," for it is the responsibility of the teacher" to find the right stimulus that will cause a student to respond as desired.
Enter renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan of the National Geographic Channel's new daily series The Dog Whisperer.