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known facts, ideas, and skill that have been imparted

Synonyms for science

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As a result, they have varying degrees of understanding about how the social and behavioral sciences can help them do their jobs.
formula for agreement on duration measures), this section was a bit more difficult to follow, and does not hold promise to be a staple resource for those conducting research in behavioral science on a regular basis.
Special Agent Smith is an instructor in the Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI Academy.
For further information, see The Sociopath--A Criminal Enigma (undated) produced by the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit.
Knowing all the expectations, motivations, and social and psychological factors that guide a donor's decision to choose one charity over another," Christian Goy, managing director of the Behavioral Science Lab shared, "allowed our client to redefine their donor base, set the most effective communication strategy, and reposition themselves for growth.
He approached the Department of Behavioral Science and Leadership for assistance in developing quality instruction for the LAPD.
Hispanic behavioral science research: Recommendations for further research.
Summarizes clock hours of instruction in United States dental schools in basic science, clinical science and behavioral science by individual subject.
Behavioral science has always been central to MicroMass campaigns for full-service clients, but the newly formed Health Behavior Group will now provide consulting services, giving pharmaceutical companies greater access to the agency's unrivaled behavioral expertise.
Featuring a question-and-answer format, it offers comprehensive, yet concise coverage of the behavioral science portion of the USMLE.
Editorial also covers: adult corrections, behavioral science, control strategies, education, psychology, social work, substance abuse, and courts and the legal process.
4) According to the head of the Michigan State Police Behavioral Science Section, the emphasis placed by psychologists and police administrators on person-centered programs has overshadowed the importance of addressing organizational sources of stress.
Selected from among 1,573 high school seniors who entered the competition, the finalists completed projects in a diverse range of fields, including mathematics, behavioral science, chemistry, nutrition and physics.
Research will address management science, behavioral science, communication science, other social sciences, and the arts and humanities.
National Academy courses stopped emphasizing the vocational skills of policing and started focusing on five academic disciplines - behavioral science, education and communication, forensic science, law, and management science - to provide "insights for the police manager functioning in a complex industrial, primarily urban society.
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