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By contrast, the subjective nature and complex etiology of most behavioral disorders challenge simple diagnostic categorization and precise anatomical mapping necessary for electrode implantation.
They also summarize the current information on mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).
Helping students with emotional and behavioral disorders return to school to earn a high school diploma is therefore a critical necessity.
Different risk factors affect the emergence and the development of behavioral disorders, whereas knowledge on the risk factors is being applied in different conceptual prevention frames and behavioral disorders treatment in children.
In the third article, Function-Based Planning for Young Children At Risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Nahgahgwon, Umbreit, Liaupsin, and Turton examined the efficacy of function-based interventions for three young students who exhibited chronic disruptive behavior in the classroom.
Language deficits: A comparison of students with behavioral disorders and students with learning disabilities.
An 11-year-old girl with Sturge-Weber syndrome and associated seizures, mental retardation, behavioral disorder, and hemiparesis was referred to our otolaryngology department for evaluation of conductive hearing loss and recurrent otitis media.
This paper highlights a collaborative partnership to build the capacity of special education classroom teachers of students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) to use positive behavioral supports (PBS).
Other studies have suggested that nonnutritive food additives are associated with behavioral disorders such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
While the diagnostic criteria for fetal alcohol syndrome are firm, the criteria for fetal alcohol effects are less clear and may overlap with other psychiatric and behavioral disorders, she said.
The special education category of emotional and behavioral disorders should yield the greatest number of bullies.
Why are we so darn surprised that the rate of adolescent mental illness, behavioral disorders, and self-mutilating and self-destructive actions has skyrocketed during this last generation of overly zealous and competitive parenting?
The researchers found that more than three-quarters of at-risk kids showed improvement in their mood or behavioral disorders after receiving a drug called divalproex.
Many schools and programs provide education and treatment to students with learning and other disabilities, including emotional and behavioral disorders.
And we say that behavioral disorders are caused by "mental" diseases to distinguish them from "real" diseases--infections, tumors, broken bones, burst blood vessels, polio.
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