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He beguilingly cites the following from his collection -`federation', `recruit', `toffee', `ceremony' and'performer' -all of which derive from French.
Its model was beguilingly simple, offering as it did the opportunity for people selling their houses to register them online for a fee.
Fresh out of prison, having served time for someone else's crime, laconic Git Hynes (Peter McDonald, a quietly attention-getting newcomer) finds himself in new trouble and the beguilingly bad company of Bunny Kelly (Brendan Gleeson).
Franz Beckenbauer was another in the plot, talking so beguilingly the other day about the pleasure he would derive from England and Germany replaying 1966 as the final of Euro 96 today week.
John Butler Trio April Uprising JOHN Butler's fifth album sees the Australian deliver a surprisingly melodic batch of funk-fuelled songs incorporating ska and calypso that give them a beguilingly retro sound.
Oddly, one of the most charming moments was Sabri's spoken introduction, beguilingly accompanied by fluttering hand gestures, to the second piece (about a bored woman waiting for her lover - an unlikely inspiration for dance).
You can come to your own conclusions as to what the Little Girl (a beguilingly precocious Gigi Elijadidi) symbolizes in the scheme of things.
Jack has devised a refeshing way of re-telling the city's long and fascinating history, introducing archeology and influencial characters with some beguilingly funny Irish anecdotes.
Willliam Pretsell (Orlando) comes consummately to the task of not recognising the woman he loves beneath that rather fetching cap, Paul Murrell's Touchstone dons a deerstalker and has some pleasingly amusing moments, and Seray Morka (Phoebe) and Alice Haughton (Audrey) are beguilingly bucolic.
Another beguilingly beautiful child named Jasmine grinned cheekily as she peeked her head from behind a palm tree.
With immensely quotable teenslang dialogue that won't alienate the over 20s, a wicked Diana Ross gag, Kimya Dawson's beguilingly simple songs and Page lighting up the screen as the sarcastic, sassy yet vulnerable Juno, this has already earned its place in the year's top 10.
One saving grace was the incredibly authoritative and beguilingly flashy work of tympanist Pedro Fernandez.
Two young lads with winning ways appear in black suits as Ant and Dec - "I'm a Cub Scout, Get me out of here" - very beguilingly and with sublime confidence.
Marc Sands, who was the director of brand marketing at OnDigital until 2000, said the philosophy had seemed beguilingly simple.