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Synonyms for beguiling

Synonyms for beguiling

highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire

misleading by means of pleasant or alluring methods

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Subversively sexual, the piece offered such imagery as ballerinas dressed in shirts and rubber phalluses, beguiling deer-headed businessmen, and a sulfurous evocation of the Indian Kama Sutra.
But showman though Dutoit is, he proved no match for Gil Shaham, who played Brahms' Violin Concerto with a beguiling combination of technical dexterity and rhetorical restraint.
Given my predilection for almost any kind of abracadabra, was happy to encounter "Spellbound"--an exhibition of works on paper from artists as unlike as Louise Bourgeois, Lisa Yuskavage, and Thomas Schutte that "record this beguiling state.
Funny or soulful, novel or academic, these works have spun at full force thanks to a solid core of local dancers ringed by bright guests, including such beguiling ballerinas as Tina LeBlanc and Evelyn Cisneros.
The film's most beguiling bits involve Hellboy's unrequited love for BPRD co-worker Liz Sherman.
In the First Campaign, the company of giddy majorettes marched in and out of the familiar inverted triangle in beguiling, parallel piques passes.
In the bestselling tradition established by Michael Chabon, Bret Easton Ellis, and Donna Tartt, Kim Benabib examines the moral dilemmas and social pressures of his generation in a striking debut novel set in New York's beguiling art world.
On this dual-disc effort, 19-year-old New Yorker McKay (rhymes with ``sky'') channels a beguiling mixture of Doris Day, Blossom Dearie, Petula Clark, Liz Phair and Eminem to craft a debut that the Britneys, Avrils and even Norahs of the world could only dream about.
Her costumes paid homage to folk style in their texture and decoration while beguiling the eye with gorgeous multiple colors revealed in layers of swirling skirts.
Near the opposite end of the game-element spectrum, the more recent 11th Hour features logic, chess, and crossword-type puzzles that definitely don't insult your intelligence; its familiar haunted-house interface teases in a beguiling way.
But this is where the really beguiling aspect of ``Good Bye, Lenin
As Aladdin, Oleg Gorboulev showed impressive ballon and beguiling personal warmth.
Innocent and beguiling, Khedoori's images float freely in vast spaces, oneiric plains where fantasy once roamed.
To Strauss' ``Till Eulenspiegel,'' Dohnanyi brought control and rigor, yet never at the expense of the organized chaos that makes the work so beguiling.
It was, however, the beguiling balcony scene, where Juliet (Anne Anderson) and Romeo (Eric Languet) gave a moving and poignant rendering of their love, that was most impressive.