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Synonyms for beguiling

Synonyms for beguiling

highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire

misleading by means of pleasant or alluring methods

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He is the Director of Library Services for The Beguiling Books & Art and the Manager of Little Island Comics, North America's first and only comic book shop just for kids.
But the new Rough Guide to Wales, published this month like its Britain counterpart, says that the Welsh nation is 'the most beguiling part of the British Isles'.
The Beguiling Spirits' is available now and is published by 1stBooks Library.
The beguiling ways in which patrician Italians paid homage to their ancestors by memorializing their dynasty's political ontology on their walls and ceilings is the theme of Julian Kliemann's analysis of painted programs from 1450-1650.
Two of today's most beguiling ballet stars, Diana Vishneva and Svetlana Lopatkina, will dance Odette/Odile.
Her excesses are barely mentioned, her lack of intelligence translated into a beguiling innocence.
Penwarden is a wise and beguiling old man; he seems to be at the heart of all that goes on.
Nestled under the implied plane of the grid like a city under a web of flight paths was the usual beguiling distribution of exactingly selected junk--a delta of red pushpins set upside down on their flat heads; a colony of small white gift boxes; a pair of jeans turned halfway inside out and balanced on their waistline, so that the upturned legs looked like twin cooling towers.
What interests Fierro are instances where, 'glittering in their glass skins and technological garb, Mitterrand's insistently transparent monuments present the beguiling desire to disappear, rather than to assert France's mythic presence'.
His concise and engaging film, Saskatchewan, is an unusual sliver of regional autobiography, a beguiling and richly rendered response to a question common to large countries like Canada with geographical distances and mobile populations: where are you from?
I first met her when she was a shy, beguiling student at Sarah Lawrence.
How does the star of some of the choreographer's most beguiling works--Harbinger, Intermezzo, A Footstep of Air, and At Midnight--come to be dean of dance at a public high school for the arts?
In a nutshell: Celebrity cluelessness becomes less beguiling as the show wears on; still, it's an undemanding summer time-killer.