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I know the Sheriff has devised it to beguile us archers into some treachery.
under those circumstances, sir, I happened to be walking in the yard early one afternoon, and happened to have an iron rod in my hand, with which I have been sometimes accustomed to beguile the monotony of a literary life, when I struck it against an object not necessary to trouble you by naming--'
Helen of Troy, depicted in the early chapters as a beautiful young girl whose many suitors vie for her hand, is left in the shadows when the charming Penelope beguiles Odysseus instead.
a lodestone by the old Mersey shore Oceans deep blue, vast jungles rain green And deserts of gold grace the world so serene, With their beauty enhanced by the treasure of miles Yet those images fade when this river beguiles The attraction?
Despite the fact that she gets hysterical whenever the lights go out, Yolanda beguiles Rejas.
Also featured is "Red Headed Woman," starring Jean Harlow in one of her best early films, written by Anita Loos ("Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"), where Harlow shines and beguiles as an avaricious secretary out to climb the social ladder even if it's on her back.