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How far off, how cool, how chaste the persons look, begirt each one with a precinct or sanctuary
Our puissance is our own, our own right hand Shall teach us highest deeds, by proof to try Who is our equal: then thou shalt behold Whether by supplication we intend Address, and to begirt th'Almighty Throne Beseeching or besieging.
40) And while it appears as if the statutory analysis begins with the text, the analysis-opening statement that "[w]e begirt with the text" does not show up until page nine of a twenty-one page slip opinion.
They begirt with a typical day in the life of a blues librarian, which is very similar to that of most other music librarians.
Begirt by his immense voltaic battery--which was as so many huge cubical links of wood and metal, forming a vast mysterious chain, and giving to the whole a sort of picturesque and marvellous character the lecturer called forth its powers with an air of authority, and in a tone of confident success.
Marketers/manufacturers should begirt a detailed evaluation of the supporting marketing and scientific data and determine if this term/trend offers a good strategic fit and is appropriate to pursue.
Scarce had she thus prayed when a down-dragging numbness seized her limbs, and her soft sides were begirt with thin bark.
Scott: <<his close-shaven crown, surrounded by a circle of stiff curled black hair, had something the appearance of a parish pinfold begirt by its high hedge>> / Blanco White: <<La corona con su cerquillo negro, enriscado y con cada pelo como una prima de guitarra, se asemejaba a un corral de ovejas con cerca de espinos>> / Mora: <<circundaba su corona una guarnicion de cabellos negros y rizados, a guisa de los flecos que cuelgan de una alfombra de Turquia>>.