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  • verb

Synonyms for beg



Synonyms for beg

to ask or ask for as charity

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for beg

call upon in supplication

make a solicitation or entreaty for something

dodge, avoid answering, or take for granted

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Lee, though, is expected to play in Spain to take the place of Fonacier, who begged off from further national team duty, citing the need to recover from several injuries after playing non-stop in the PBA and internationally for the last four years.
Love begged off because of his current trade-demand situation from the Minnesota Timberwolves while Griffin and Aldridge passed on donning Team USA's colors to rest in the offseason.
In past years, ESPN expressed interest, but begged off because of inconvenient West Coast kickoff times.
Samco has begged off and its spot will be replaced by Nadim Sultani's Lebanese Selection.
Campbell hasn't had much luck in the romance department, and given his incremental rise to power at Sterling Cooper & Partners 6 he's now on the coveted Chevy account, now that Ken Cosgrove begged off 6 it would follow that his luck in the bedroom might be about to change.
And he won the biggest Kentucky Derby prep race west of the Mississippi even though he didn't even have a mount until Wednesday, after David Flores abandoned Castledale to ride Rock Hard Ten and Russell Baze begged off because of a family wedding.
His engraver fixed the plates and Audubon reassured subscribers, but a few begged off.
He begged off for the Beijing Games although he represented Saudi Arabia along with Ramzi Al-Duhami in the equestrian competition of the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.
Vocalist/keyboardist Christine McVie is absent this time around (she also begged off the ``Say You Will'' album), and founding members John McVie and Fleetwood step comfortably out of the spotlight, leaving spectacle duty to the two singers.
Mathieu Schneider used to miss so many practices, Kings coach Andy Murray took to calling them ``Schneiders'' whenever a player begged off practice because of injuries.
Asked to handicap the baseball playoffs, which began Tuesday, both begged off.
She was gracious with reporters today, but begged off after answering two questions so she could cool down and prepare for the long jump.
IT WOULD HAVE BEEN UNDERSTANDABLE if Hall of Fame baseball player Rod Carew had begged off Saturday night, if he had called his old buddy, Bruce Beck, varsity baseball coach at Agoura High School, and told him, sorry, but he just couldn't make it.
Dan Fox begged off the swing shift at Rocketdyne when his kids got in school so he could be around to help with homework, soccer and Little League.
He politely begged off appearing at the weekly media luncheon because he wants to do his talking afterward.