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Synonyms for beggary

Synonyms for beggary

a solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person)

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the state of being a beggar or mendicant

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These beggars use professional methods to use beggary as a tool for their earning without thinking that their tactics are annoying the visitors and spoiling the peaceful atmosphere at public place.
Second, their (beggars) kids should be enrolled to schools to shun this practice of beggary in times to come," he suggested.
KARACHI -- Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has established 12 special camps at different trading centers and busy areas of the metropolis to check encroachments and beggary during Ramazan.
Citizens are calling for stricter measures and an awareness campaign on beggary despite efforts by the Ministries of Social Affairs, Interior and the Passport Department to crack down on Ramadan beggars.
KMC has set up 12 camps at various trade and commercial centres of the city to eradicate the encroachments and professional beggary there.
There is no doubt that a number of drives by the concerned authorities have been underway but beggary still remains unchecked in commercial, residential areas, hospitals, bus stands and at different traffic signals of the city.
Overall 4092 children were rescued during last seven years who included those who had fled their homes or missing, involved in beggary, collection of trash to make a living, and those subjected to torture, CPB Multan media coordinator Rao Mukhtar told on Wednesday.
The project has been initiated to purge society of beggary and create an opportunity for those who want to earn for themselves instead of seeking alms, Provincial Minister for Social Welfare Syed Haroon Sultan Bokhari told on Sunday.
The head of Jeddah's Anti Beggary Office said he was "very worried" about the increasing number of beggars seen in the city.
Special Assistant to the Chief Minister and former IG Rana Maqbool while presiding over the meeting directed the special branch police to depute policemen at check points and other places in the city to keeping an eye on beggars who bring small children to the city for beggary.
The members sought explanation from the government on the issues of food shortage in Tharparkar, kidnapping of student from Benazirabad, and child beggary.
Chairing a departmental meeting here, he stressed the need for purging the society of the menace of beggary.
Despite media reports pointing to rise in beggary, growing number of street beggars are seen in the twin cities which not only creates nuisance for motorists but also poses a security threat, an old citizen Faheem Abbasi told.
Sd Al-Shahrani, head of the Office to Combat Beggary in Jeddah, said that nearly 99 percent of beggars in Jeddah are non-Saudis while other estimates claim 80 percent of the beggars are non-Saudis.
The concept of beggary has now emerged as a business as mostly the general public believes that there is a strong mafia behind the beggars," said Arshad Javed, a resident of sector G/11-3.