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a woman who is a beggar

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And it was in the romantic remains of the Shrewsbury estate we stumbled across sense-scrambling attraction Hex - based on the local legend of an old oak tree cursed by a beggarwoman.
In this story, protagonist Alina Reyes, a bored, bourgeoise, young engaged woman in Buenos Aires begins to dream and eventually be taken over by an abused beggarwoman in snowy Budapest, "un ser insolito con vivencias radicalmente opuestas a las suyas que terminara aliendandola totalmente.
As Annabel Patterson asserts, "Cade is an impostor, a traitor of his class, hawking his false claims to the name of Mortimer by way of a romantic fiction, the tale of a noble child stolen from its cradle by a beggarwoman, and now returned to claim its inheritance.
The scene is redolent of the two cousins' own horror at being accosted in public by "my cousin's own little Judy from Menlo," a Galway beggarwoman persistent in her distant and embarrassing kinship to Miss Martin.