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Synonyms for begetter

a male parent (also used as a term of address to your father)

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In fact, quoting Catherine Carswell's Savage Pilgrimage on a related point, she cites a page on which Carswell actually calls Murry "the only begetter of Adelphi.
The man who took most interest in mapping Ireland was William Burghley, who was "the only begetter of many an Irish map," as noted on page 1672.
At the Solomon Islands the begetter of the expedition, Sarmiento de Gamboa, told Mendana that they were on the threshold of the southern continent.
Since the relation of labyrinth and landscape calls for separate treatment it will serve for now to have pointed out that the conjunction of landscape and labyrinth provided Joyce with that vivisection of the stages of esthetic apprehension of which he was the only begetter.
I'm quite willing to believe Gao was the only begetter of these labels, but his claims give the whole book the air of a metahistory, in which what artists did is much less important than the words the author chose to describe them.
Mi chiedono se ho scritto un canzoniere d'amore e se il mio onlie begetter e uno solo o e molteplice.
The Matrix and the Terminator franchises illustrate the blurred dichotomy of begetter and offspring.
To know what language a sentence has meaning in is to know an important fact about its begetter.
was its only begetter and may yet be need as its main guarantor.
As the HRA's true begetter Anthony Lester angrily exclaimed in the Guardian: 'Having sown the wind of ignorant opposition, he and his government reap the whirlwind'(16.
A begetter chiefly of sprinters and milers, he has been represented by plenty of so-so stallion sons himself, but via Danehill and Green Desert especially he features regularly in pedigrees of prominent runners, often in the top line.
This is not as much of a leap as it may seem at first, given that Johnson the man was so self-consciously a literary begetter, so acutely aware of his own futurity.
Rather, Latour becomes what Jim depicts in Antonia, a begetter and founder of a community modeled on the worldview St.
Without thought, invention you would not have been, O Sword, without idea and the Word's mediation, you would have remained unmanifest in the dim dimension where thought dwells, and beyond thought and idea, their begetter, Dream, Vision.