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39) This argument creates a problem, however, because it seems to put the names "wisdom" and "power" in the same relational category as "son," which is problematic, because making "wisdom" relational suggests that the Father is wise only because he begets his wisdom, just as he is Father only because he begets the Son.
Because a deal is only good if customers can get to it easily, Beget allows members to choose locally focused zones that are close to where they live or work.
This begets a morally and politically unhealthy attitude.
That could beget some inflation and more investment in stocks.
Religion, therefore, begets "hate crime"; hate crimes beget murder, and murder the corpses of Barnett Slepian of Buffalo and young Matthew Shepard of Wyoming.
Living systems expand exponentially: Two DNA strands beget four, which beget eight, then 16, then 32, and so on.
Sometimes, a short-term sacrifice - say, lower tax rates now - can beget a long-term gain, as in greater overall revenues later.
8 billion from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to $43 billion by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fitch expects that standardized claims will beget operating offices that will ultimately exceed the cost of meeting compliance deadlines.
I have always said movies beget themselves,'' he said.
It would unleash the scorching realization that lies only beget further lies, and that this holds as true collectively as it does individually.
Beget and Juergen Kienle of the Alaska Volcano Observatory and the University of Alaska in Fairbanks report in the April 23 Nature that large landslides have shorn Mount St.
Unlike classical, top-down enterprise software applications that use high-level plans and forecasts to drive "calls to action" down into an enterprise, the bottom-out model is focused on an event-driven enterprise where actions in real time -- throughout the entire manufacturing and supply network -- continually beget other actions.
All three men exude the same ``you can't touch me'' arrogance, and - at least in the playwright's view - age does not beget wisdom for Ty Cobb.
The successful Fins seafood restaurants in Westlake and Calabasas will beget not another Fins, but a Euro-Asian restaurant, cocktail bar and entertainment facility called Moz Buddha Bar.