beg off

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Synonyms for beg off

ask for permission to be released from an engagement

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The traditional holiday party and summer outing are disappearing as employees beg off.
Unless they adopt a plan like Kennedy's, the Democrats should beg off the blame game.
I was no longer with the court when the martial law case came up, but had I been with the court I would've voted with the majority as a member of the majority but I didn't want to speculate on the motivation of those in the minority so I respectfully beg off from answering,' Brion said.
6 at UFC 181 but the champion had to beg off due to an unexpected broken hand.
It is with deep sadness that we have to accept Larry Fonacier's request to beg off from the Gilas pool for the meantime," Reyes said yesterday.
Too many times I hear riding buddies beg off on an invitation to an early-morning ride.
If you were Christian, would you beg off from the role that gave you your biggest break?