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Synonyms for beg



Synonyms for beg

to ask or ask for as charity

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for beg

call upon in supplication

make a solicitation or entreaty for something

dodge, avoid answering, or take for granted

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I was trying to beg money from passersby and people present in the shops.
There are organised gangs of beggars while others are forced to beg because of land fragmentation, poverty and a lack of resources to earn a livelihood,' said Detho.
In the footage, Beg could be seen being kicked and punched as several people, including security guards, stepped in to try to remonstrate with his attackers.
Use CO tail to close opening at beg of wheel, but do not trim end of tail.
Our SOS (Save Our Schools) group in UP Diliman still intends to fund raise and campaign for donations of sports equipment, books, science lab equipment to send to our national minorities, but I share their pride in saying: 'We will never beg.
Parents who exploit their minor children or use them to beg shall be fined P2,500.
In general, beggary is described as a hierarchical structure, pyramid: those who beg on street, people who collect money from beggars and "leaders" who receive most of the revenue and organizes those involved in this activity (Kirchofer, 2010).
I beg in the city and then buy flour, ghee and other daily use things for my family.
IMC interviewed a third group: Pakistanis who come to Kabul, and other Afghan cities, in the summer to beg.
To negotiate a reduction of these liabilities, Fouche hired Manzoor Beg, who falsely held himself out as a CPA, and gave him a blank power of attorney.
Boss Des Ryan said: "In creating by-laws that turn every person who begs into a criminal, we would be doing nothing to address the reasons which cause people to beg.
Those exploiting them and forcing them to beg should be stopped as well," the communiquA' read.
But that is exactly what Khurshed Alam and his wife, Sunzida Beg, are doing.
Another said: "So if she continues to beg she may get a five-year jail sentence or the amazing alternative of a fine.