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Synonyms for befuddled

Synonyms for befuddled

stupefied by alcoholic drink


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perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements

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for causing his sons such pain, but when he finally shows up he's so befuddled and useless, he only elicits pity.
And while viewers may think it's all glamour, he's just like every other befuddled man, unable to deal with the plumbing or panicked at the thought of school sports day.
WITH Eileen defending her son Jason against all charges of being the phantom stair-pusher, Gail's blissfully befuddled as to who on Earth might have made her fall.
Revolution in America -- seems as silly to us as it must have been vexing to the befuddled Louis XVI (marvelously underplayed by Jason Schwartzman).
Cochrane becomes the strange and eccentric narrator of the story through his intuitive reading and the reader becomes sympathetic toward the befuddled hero while remaining confused about what is real and what is imagined.
His befuddled Homo not-so-sapiens (David Bentley) hit the stage like Alice's White Rabbit, rushing to nowhere in particular, only to be joined by others who were equally at a loss as to why and whither they were running.
The questioner usually has a befuddled tone, often with an emphasis like, "How did you wind up working on trees?
Broadbent and Bonneville find so much charisma in the character of the befuddled academic that they leave us wanting to know who this guy was, anyway.
After a slow start, Colp-Haber returned to this same advisor, again befuddled by where she should go next.
In the days leading up to the awards event, the finalists toured the national capital and presented their research to the competition's judges, other scientists, and curious and sometimes befuddled members of the public.
IT is not just MPs in Westminster who seem befuddled about the reality of life in the countryside.
Engla "T isin y ex It f h " It seemed like the response of a charming but slightly befuddled grandfather.
A main plot involves the mismatched union between Dorothea Brooke, a young idealist, and an aged, pedantic scholar; a subplot involves Dorothea's befuddled uncle.
nMr McCrea tucks into the pair's crab dishes RECIPE FOR 3dISASTER food critic John looks befuddled