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Prosecutor David McDonald added: "An argument ensued, with Johnston accusing Mr Fotheringham of trying to befriend his wife on Facebook.
Tricia befriends old lady Edith - only to get her hands on her house.
In a nutshell: Beautiful documentary about a man who befriends a group of parrots and finds meaning in his life in the act and well beyond.
He and his friends then declare a vendetta against her and later against Alex, a girl who has dared to befriend her.
TONY CULHANE rewarded his supporters with a tremendous 2,676-1 four-timer at Catterick yesterday on Mick Channon's pair Just Say Yes and Befriend, David Chapman's Sharp Hat and the Barry Hills trained Minderoo.
The volunteers who befriend through the Cadwyn Mon Project are also enthusiastic about their befriending.
Volunteers from all walks of life are needed to befriend an adult, child or family affected by autism.
An inner-city primary in which adult volunteers befriend and mentor pupils is now a role model for other schools.
We include it solely because Harry Dean Stanton plays an angel, so the film somewhat quixotically encourages children to befriend craggy old men in trench coats who offer to show them the ``North Pole.
If you know of someone who would benefit from this service, or you would like to volunteer to befriend someone, or help with a group, please contact the centre on 01484 860077.
He wanted them to befriend everyone they met, without exception.
Volunteers are being sought to befriend young people with disabilities.
You used your position to gain the trust and befriend a number of vulnerable young men.
I befriend Ellie, who is 11- years-old, and I see her for a couple of hours once a week.
TORY leader David Cameron has urged people to befriend hoodies in an attempt to tackle anti-social behaviour.