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Synonyms for befouled

made dirty or foul


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Writhe no more in the serpent's strangle of your nightmares and reclaim from this kingdom riches beyond measure, reward enough for each soldier thrown by his bitch queen to the wolves - and then onto a ship and away from this befouled land.
Before leaving to escape the befouled atmosphere of Bankers' World, please exit through the gift shop.
had committed not one but two unforgivable sins: [they] had befouled the parent nest by attacking the peculiar institution, and.
Locals complained that the memorials were befouled, strewn with garbage and animal droppings, and no action was taken by the civic authorities to clean the mess.
Shops, hairdressers, hospitals, doctors' surgeries, restaurants, the workplace and many other public places are befouled by constant muzak, wallpaper music, piped music or whatever you care to call it - let's call it noise because that's what it is.
Cleaning up a stretch of the Willamette River befouled by trash-filled transient camps is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.
But now the masses have realised their designs and they cannot be befouled anymore.
King cotton and queen sugar reigned supreme and befouled their hinterlands until the early twentieth century when the petrochemical industry and shipping industry eclipsed any ecological harm they had ever caused.
Through this exaggerated fantasy, Fujiwara brings to light the uncomfortable conflicts of this era in Spain's history: the commingling of tourism with a dictatorial regime (sun, sangria, fascism), the very real sexual oppression of the time, and the continued veneration of a despot in his vast and elaborate mausoleum--present in the installation through a commemorative ashtray, symbolically befouled by cigarette butts.
Undine's "melting grace" (88), linked to her familiarity with "the old circulating library at Apex" (44), creates her as a character that, like the papers, is both physically beautiful and intellectually befouled.
This devil therefore consigns us to a peculiarly appropriate hell in which we drive increasingly elaborate (private) cars on increasingly inadequate (public roads) in search of ever more evanescent (public) parking places, and in which we picnic with ever more elegant (private) equipment on (public) site ever more befouled by both biological and economic excreta" (Boulding, 1959, 81).
On this point, Olgin cites the editor of the Morgn Zhurnal, Jacob Fishman, as declaring, "I hated the Jewish Communists at all times, but they were more tolerable to me when they slandered and befouled every Jewish public man and all Jewish movements than they are now when they wish to give us a poisonous kiss," in "Indefensible Decision," in Morgn Frayhayt, June 5, 1936.
The hot and hideous torrent of his dung Roared down explosive, and the earth, befouled And blackened by the stercorous pestilence, Wasted below him, and where'er he passed The people stank.