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stupefied by alcoholic drink


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And then - as if the already giddy minds of our basha'oor people are not befogged enough - there is the attempt to ignite this ridiculously ignorant debate whether parliament is 'supreme', or is the constitution 'supreme', or are the laws of God 'supreme', or is each pillar of state 'supreme' within its own ambit, etc, etc.
The political tasters monitored this episode in the camp of the leftists with great attention and they became confident that the befogged tension between Crvenkovski and the staff that did not get positions in the SDSM was not just speculation, but real situation.
Of course this was (and is) much too simple and straightforward for the bureaucrats and nowadays would be befogged with the human rights issue.
Saul is a genuinely lovable and needy criminal (he sells dope to keep his grandma in a nice retirement home), and Franco's gangly body language and befogged line readings put the world's Cheeches and Chongs and Harolds and Kumars to shame.
His presumed break with the supposedly befogged and enchained world of "standard" academia reveals a certain kind of conceit.
That critical connection has become befogged in years of hyperbolic alarms, official ineptitude, enormous spending and political sleight of hand.
Puck had told him that several plays earlier; but Shapiro, befogged by his romanticism and sentimentality, has forgotten, or never understood.
The meaning of the term "the absurd" is mightily obscured and befogged by the common use of the adjective "absurd"--Webster's New World College Dictionary defines it as "dull, deaf, insensible; so clearly untrue or unreasonable as to be laughable or ridiculous" (6).
Such frank talk isn't much heard these days, especially not when the media dutifully follow the hallucinating president from military base to military base pledging victory in Iraq, and obedient audiences of soldiers, befogged in their own caverns of illusion, hoo-haw and cheer.
This is familiar but also calmingly provisional; it seems neither as desperate nor as personal as a five-library-book limit to a befogged third-grader, or the failed samba of explaining one's first love to a potential lover.
Then he looked down upon the spot at which I had, as if spellbound, been staring and, waving away the sweet cigar smoke that hung in the air like my own befogged mind set afloat outside my head for all to see and wonder at, said: How like a woman is such a table, eh?
2001) (stating "we favor hospitalization for the alcoholic who is very jittery or befogged .
Meanwhile, as Maribor grows increasingly befogged and fantastic, Josef Erdman narrates his own quest for autonomy and meaning.
His inner vision was of lank sailing ships befogged in snow-swept seas; creeping sea-mists surmounted by sails and rocks, represented in this exhibition by his Greifswald Harbour and Moonrise over the Sea; ruined abbeys and shores patrolled by spectral monks; solitary trees listing in a harsh terrain, as in The Single Tree; a countryside heroically gaunt, as epic and cheerless as a polar sunset.