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stupefied by alcoholic drink


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PESHAWAR -- "The worst thing in evaluating the impacts of 9/11 on Urdu poetry and even our whole social life is that we are not completely aware of the details of the 9/11, rather deliberate confusion has befogged the minds of our writers and they have no unanimous view on the war on terror", Prof.
Robinson, Befogged Vision: International Environmental Governance A Decade After Rio, 27 WM.
Apple has high-quality imagery in its Maps application of military sites befogged in Google Maps, as it shown in earlier news.
Penalizing the purchasers of notes and mortgages on the secondary market, by interfering with their rights to foreclose on defaulted loans, under which loans the original lenders unequivocally lent hundreds of thousands of dollars per transaction, will do nothing but keep our court system clogged and our economy befogged.
Such souls" Muir concluded, "are asleep, or smothered and befogged beneath mean pleasures or cares" (2: 147).
Befogged by pipe dreams, he doesn't even understand the purpose of an HBO documentary in which he's agreed to appear.
In the courtroom, at a heating, the lawyer will need to make sure that the judge or jury keeps an eye on the critical points and conclusions and not get befogged.
And then - as if the already giddy minds of our basha'oor people are not befogged enough - there is the attempt to ignite this ridiculously ignorant debate whether parliament is 'supreme', or is the constitution 'supreme', or are the laws of God 'supreme', or is each pillar of state 'supreme' within its own ambit, etc, etc.
Ensslin hangs from a window grating, the scene befogged, the torso smudged, the legs dangling in ghostly suspension.
In combat, while my brain was befogged, my body followed its own agenda.
The political tasters monitored this episode in the camp of the leftists with great attention and they became confident that the befogged tension between Crvenkovski and the staff that did not get positions in the SDSM was not just speculation, but real situation.
Of course this was (and is) much too simple and straightforward for the bureaucrats and nowadays would be befogged with the human rights issue.
Puck mimics the voices of Lysander and Demetrius, and not just in the befogged woods.
Saul is a genuinely lovable and needy criminal (he sells dope to keep his grandma in a nice retirement home), and Franco's gangly body language and befogged line readings put the world's Cheeches and Chongs and Harolds and Kumars to shame.