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  • verb

Synonyms for befit

be appropriate for


Synonyms for befit

to be appropriate or suitable to

to be in keeping with

Synonyms for befit

accord or comport with

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There is some strong language here, as befits the strong emotions.
The MTA might even have to sell its Taj Mahal headquarters downtown and relocate into a more modest space, one that befits those who dare to call themselves ``public servants.
Nadav Gur, MobiMate's CEO, stated, "A recognized leader in the Symbian application market, our commitment to Symbian phone users is now further demonstrated through this product -- a highly valuable combination of critical services, packaged in an attractive interface as befits these top-of-the-line phones.
PHOTO (1 -- 2) Scouting brothers Daryl, left, and Brian Crookston snap proper salutes as befits their honored status.
This definition befits the following consumer goods executives profiled for this year's Top 25 Most Influential, nominated by vendors, retailers and the CGT staff.
As befits a professional soccer tournament, the Champions Cup is rather confusing.
We believe Memorial now has a web presence that befits its world-class stature," said Heartbeat Digital CEO Bill Drummy.
I am delighted that mmO2 is starting life as an independent company with simultaneous listings in both London and New York, as befits a business with our size and international dimension.
Lombard said Salas' promotion to chief operating officer befits the 30-year utility industry veteran's experience with the LADWP.
I'm excited to have an opportunity to help IMPRESS scale its offerings and operations as befits a company with such enormous promise.
Newsweek Interactive is a prominent voice among content providers regarding online research and measurement, as befits an organization whose heritage includes two of the most widely read and respected publications in the nation.
As befits an awards ceremony, Web participants' avatars (little on-screen characters representing each chatter) will be dressed in black tie.