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  • verb

Synonyms for befit

be appropriate for


Synonyms for befit

to be appropriate or suitable to

to be in keeping with

Synonyms for befit

accord or comport with

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As befits the season, no sooner had Sam accounted for the mishap by declaring that Otage De Brion had swallowed his tongue and had to be pulled up than he saw before him three wise men.
The rest, as befits London, were all dressed like near naked tramps.
The viciousness of the papers' onslaught befits the old adage of rattles being thrown out of prams.
The result has a dignity and resonance that wholly befits its setting.
The tone is mostly light and humorous, with a few dark touches, as befits the fairy-tale world.
When Mary Elizabeth moves from New York to New Jersey she changes her name to Lola and sets out to take center stage, as befits a person with her gifts and star ambition--only to discover that the starring role at Dellwood (aka Deadwood) High is already taken by local girl Carla Santini.
She gives August the gravity and sensitivity that befits the character as written, and captures Margaret's desperation as she sees her beloved farm about to slip away.
The actors are hamming it big time, as befits the plot.
We limit the production of this wine, so that we can focus on quality that befits the elegance of the images on our labels.
There is some strong language here, as befits the strong emotions.
Respondents were primarily interested in cost focused payment metrics, as befits a department where very little goes wrong
As befits a device for portable applications, the WM8960 consumes 10mW in playback mode, making it one of the lowest power devices of its kind.