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beet having a massively swollen red root

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It is safe to eat the beetroot, but, and this is crucial, you will have to boil them before they are consumed.
Beetroot is easy to grow as long as it is not put in the shade by taller plants.
The Beet It Sport bar on the other hand is really delicious, tasting more of raspberry than beetroot, and provides a delicious way to enjoy a good useful hit of natural nitrate.
Beetroot helps cleanse the liver, which is one of the most overworked organs.
Hints and Tips You could use ready cooked beetroot (not in vinegar) but the end result won't have the same depth of flavour, as these tend to be soggy and overcooked.
Before the second run, they ate an equivalent amount of cranberry relish, chosen because it has a similar calorific content to beetroot but without the same nitrate levels.
Melt the butter in a shallow-sided pan and add the shallots, leek, garlic and diced beetroot.
SALAD DAYS: Beetroot, goat's cheese and walnut dressing REALLY MEATY: Rib Eye Steak, real chips cooked in beef dripping, sauce barnaise
For this Goats cheese and beetroot salad (serves 8) you will need 1 kg raw beetroot, 200g green beans, 200g watercress, ' small red onion finely sliced, 2 tbsp toasted pine nuts and 200g crumbled goats cheese.
Beetroot soup with toasted cumin Ingredients 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds 700g beetroot 1 sweet potato 3 tbsp red wine vinegar Salt and pepper Method In a heavy-based pan sweat the onion and garlic for about 10 mins, add the cumin seed and allow to toast - you will be able to smell it toasting.
Scientists studied eight men aged 19 to 38 who were asked to drink a half-litre of organic beetroot juice a day for six days before exercise bike tests.
Apparently the US commander in chief dislikes beetroot so much he's banned the missus from growing them in the White House vegetable patch.
Method Grate or blend the beetroot then mix with the zest and juice of one blood orange and the gin.
Ugo Foods, the UK's fastest-growing manufacturer of chilled pasta, is delighted to announce that its it has won the PAPA Award for Best Manufactured Pasta Product 2013 for its special edition Beetroot and Goats' Cheese Fiorelli.