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Synonyms for beetle-browed

sullen or unfriendly in appearance


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The beetle-browed bookie can't cope without the buxom barmaid and turns to his dad Ken for help.
Beetle-browed Pete Postlethwaite stars in what could be one of the highlights of the BBC's revamped schedules.
If Gordon Brown slowed up, took time to smooze - the politician's mixture of smooth and ooze - he wouldn't be the Dark Destroyer, the hulking Heathcliff figure, black, beetle-browed, the menacing man-in-the-middle who has become a target for Labour Left and Tory Right.
Lest we forget, Blair is not some hardass cowboy like Bush, or some beetle-browed hard nut like Putin.
An unprecedented amount of genetic material removed from Stone Age fossils indicates that the heavy-boned, beetle-browed Neandertals made, at most, a small genetic contribution to our prehistoric ancestors.
The impervious white skin is ruptured by a handful of horizontal openings some shaded by thin overhangs, giving the elevations a curious beetle-browed effect.
BEETLE-BROWED former chancellor Denis Healey has taken to dressing up as a woman, I'm sad to report.
The narrow glazed face, beetle-browed roof canopy and high parapet walls allude to the great anthropomorphic totem poles of indigenous Pacific Coast tribes.
A beetle-browed, hairy-handed monument to winning, scoffing at his opponents, deriding their ability.
BEETLE-browed Denis Healey, Baron of Riddlesden, is passionate about books.
AFTER Noel Gallagher's attack on 3am, our phone poll to discover who you thought was ugliest - the beetle-browed Oasis part-timer, our long-forgotten predecessor Matthew Wright or us - provoked an interesting reaction.