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Synonyms for beetle-browed

sullen or unfriendly in appearance


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Next up was Huw Edwards, the beetle-browed Welsh newsreader who rather fancies his chances as a man of broadcasting moment, the sort of chap who reckons he brings an air of gravitas to national events.
Those who prefer artisanal fayre like The Killing, and its hero Sarah Lund, are beetle-browed "Lundites", and we deserve to hang.
When Michael first joined the Street in 1983, Kevin was a floppy-fringed, beetle-browed teenager with a bad moustache and a surly scowl.
The reason for such an uncharacteristic lapse in the usual withering sarcasm and beetle-browed belligerence?
Brown can be intimidating for a number of reasons: his position, his bulk, his beetle-browed glower and even his partial blindness .
The short, beetle-browed director, something of a father figure to Leo, had to reassure the young actor that he was on the right track and urge him to keep going.
During the bloody Bosnian conflict, Karadzic's beetle-browed face stared out defiantly from television screens and newspaper pages.
At its eastern extremity, the roof overshoots to form a beetle-browed canopy marking the main public point of arrival and entry.
The film opens with a disclaimer that crucifixion was "not sanctioned by Jewish law," but the "Jewish authorities" are a pretty sinister, black-bearded, beetle-browed crowd and at least one Jewish entertainment columnist (Martin Knelman in the Toronto Star) has said he was "deeply offended.
Haynes is there, beetle-browed behind the camera, insisting, Oh no, it's more
Swamping the island with two beetle-browed heavies for every England supporter - trying to stir trouble on the streets before our opener against Ireland.