beet sugar

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sugar made from sugar beets

sugar from sugar beets used as sweetening agent

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The 2008 farm bill established the loan rate for raw cane sugar ranging between 18 and 19 cents per pound: for beet sugar, the loan rate is 128.
Osborne, "Claus Spreckels and The Oxnard Brothers: Pioneer Developers of California's Beet Sugar Industry, 1890-1900," Southern California Quarterly 54 (1972): 117-25.
No more could have been done, than was done, for me or my company, Western Beet Sugar Producers Inc.
In Europe beet sugar is used in soft drinks; HFCS is not allowed in order to protect European beet farmers.
In 2005, the Cuban government signed contracts with Belarus for the purchase of about 50,000 tons of beet sugar.
Eridania is a beet sugar manufacturer and is the market leader in the Italian sugar sector.
Beet sugar is not refined in the same way as cane sugar.
Sugar processor Imperial Sugar has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement with Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative, a sugar-processing cooperative, to sell Imperial's Holly Sugar Corporation subsidiary.
One of the bitterest ironies on the way to its demise was that it had been forced to cut back on its sugar cane refining because of competition from the Common Market-protected beet sugar.
Schwartz, executive vice president of the Beet Sugar Development Foundation of Denver, Colorado.
Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative and Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative.
The Vimec conveyor will be used to transport beet sugar at a capacity of 110 tonnes per hour along at floor level with a concrete foundation capable of supporting dynamic and static loads.
Tate said it was "disappointing" but added that Western, which processes beet sugar, was currently trading profitability and results for the year to March 2003 were expected to be "no worse" than break even.
7, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In a bid to revive litigation claims that a federal judge had dismissed, the refined sugar industry's latest maneuver actually underlines its true objective: to confuse American consumers by suggesting that cane and beet sugar is healthier than sugar made from corn.
CAIRO: Egypt has raised procurement prices for key agricultural products - wheat, corn, sugar cane and beet sugar - in a bid to encourage farmers to up production.