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a drip mat placed under a glass of beer

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A logo using the impressive viaduct in the city's Spon End is being used on beer mats to promote the festival, to be held next Friday and Saturday, April 13-14, at The Butts Park Arena.
Then send your beer mat, with your name, address, postcode, phone number and date of birth to: Carling Barcelona Contest, Daily Record, One Central Quay,Glasgow,G38DA to arrive by Monday April 5.
Annie's Bar in Middlesbrough has had special beer mats printed for customers who are smokers.
ACORNS Children's Hospice is hoping to mop up financial support for life-limited youngsters - by launching Christmas beer mats in the Black Country.
As explained in the book, Stuart and Chris started a beer mat advertising business and opened an English tea shop in Fuengirola.
As part of the campaign the PSNI unveiled beer mats which tell drinkers how to avoid being targeted.
A PUB landlord has banned beer mats showing a man in underpants stretching a condom as part of a health campaign for being "over the top".
Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott said of the beer mat last night: "One way up and you can see the substance of Labour's policies.
Beer mats in university bars are to carry warnings about meningitis in a bid to raise students' awareness of the killer brain disease.
BENEFIT fraudsters are being tackled in the run up to Christmas in a beer mat campaign.
Cheers Pictured at the launch of the beer mat book are (from left) Chris Bolton, Quarmby's manufacturing manager, the author Ian Calvert, and Alison Keogh, Quarmby's sales and business development manager
Is it candlelight dinners, a steamy sex life, a shared interest in beer mat collecting?
She fills the glass, reaches for the beer mat with her pencil poised to mark his seventh or eighth drink and he, without thinking, without any plan, catches her hand in his.
3 Jobs lost as historic beer mat firm moves to Germany