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someone who brews beer or ale from malt and hops and water


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The lawsuit revolves around an arcane Oregon law that sets out how and when a beer maker can drop a beer distributor that it previously had signed up with and what penalties it must pay.
While the big beer producers can set off the increase from their profits, small beer makers do not have such luxury.
Award-winning craft beer maker Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.
CHURCH-controlled wine and beer maker KEO will be letting go of over 100 staff due to the effects of the economic downturn, it was reported yesterday.
Ginger beer maker Thomas Dray, pictured in later life with his son, Robert
Americans Anheuser-Busch, who are behind Budweiser and are the world's third largest beer maker, is said to be poring over S&N's books with a view to possibly trumping the pounds 7.
There are some barriers set up at each province that have been grandfathered in," explains Ken Barbet, president and CEO of Big Rock Brewery, Alberta's largest beer maker.
Bavaria is the leading beer maker in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Panama.
LONDON-based beer maker Young & Co is hoping for some festive cheer as it looks to build on a 5.
If two-thirds of both classes of shareholders vote in favor, the two brewers would together become the third-largest beer maker in North America.
Although Dixon expected plant scientists to take an interest in his claim, he was startled to hear from a beer maker.
The beer maker has announced a joint venture with Ball Corp.
Analysts conclude that in order for the beer maker to brew success in such markets as Europe, it must develop strategic partnerships.
Molson has said that it wants to get out of retailing and return to its roots as a beer maker.